Brief introduction of Macao’s gambling industry

During these days Mac has became highlight in the terms of gambling industry all around the world. The emerging power of Mac in the field of gambling industry is not unknown to any other country which offers a great pleasure in gambling games. The Chinese territory has reported that the generated gambling revenue is about $45 billion in 2013, which was a milestone in itself for casino industry. And it is increasing 20% over after year and year. It really sound like lot of cash isn’t it. It is needed to be mention that Mac is the only city in china, which has legal permission to gambling; hence it is center of attraction for the people around the world. Because of casino industry every year many tourists has been coming to Mac and gambling tourism is consider as Macao’s best source of revenues 50% of the economy is being utilized from here.

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History of gambling in Mac

Gambling was legalized in Mac in around 1850 and in the 19th century government started licensing casino and these casino is called as fan tan house in china. In the beginning it was just 200 gambling houses which were legalized. In 1999, republican of china transferred Macau and made it a special administrative region of china and at that time there were no charge on gambling policy. If we talk about the economy of Macau then we will find the economy of Macau deeply depend upon Gambling industry, since 40% revenue is collected from Casino industry only. When Portugal handover China, a gambling licenses released by SAR which were responsible to break monopoly of STDM. However we can say that gambling industry is responsible for unstable economy of Macau.

Gaming form practiced in Macau

The Venetian Macao is the biggest casino among 38 casinos in Macau city. On the Macau Peninsula there are 23 casinos whereas on Taipa Island there are 10 casinos and interestingly they all are operated by government. SJM holding, Galaxy Entertainment and Las Vegas Sands is main casino. There is wide variety of game available  such as Keno, Fan Tan, Sic Bo, blackjack, Pai gow, boule, and slot machine. In 2007, poker was introduced in Galaxy Star world casino as an electronic table.


Till now we come to know that the economy of Macau is deeply dependent upon casino industry which attracts people from all around the world.