Online casino

Type of online casino


With the evolution of internet, casino industry is also blooming with the grace of it. Many online casino investors are there who have invested their lots of money to make their platform as exciting as land based casino. Well, there are two type of online casino. First one is web- based and second one is download only casino. Apart from this there are also both kind of platform is here on internet.

Online casino

Online casino based on web

Web- based online casino is a type of online casino where user can play all the casino game without downloading the game to their local computer. Two things are required to play this game online, they are browser plugins like java and proper bandwidth is needed to load graphics, sounds along with animation.HTML interface is also used for some online casino whereas Apple devices does not support this technology.

Online casino based on download only

This is the type of online casino where client download the software and can play any time. The type of online casino connects service providers and player and side by side handles the browser support. It is generally  Quicker than the online casino which is web-based because the graphics as well as  sound programs are already stored in cache memory so no need to be loaded from internet.

Virtual casino games

The virtual casino game is a game in which the result of game is depending on PRNG (pseudo random number generator). Through this we can determine the card’s order and the outcome of the dice throw or we can know the result which is being produced by the spinning of slot machine. Actually Prions uses a protocol including mathematical instruction which is known as algorithm used to obtain number that give true randomness.

Casino game controlled by live dealers

This is a casino game in which the game is being ran straight though casino table by a man who is called as human dealer in real time,and the player are having contact with him  through video link.The player  can bet through a link which is there on the computer screen and if  player are having any confusion, through text he can solve it. That means video as well as text option is also there.


Hence online casino is approaching to the players in various manners and giving exciting bonus to attract the lover of the “game of chance”. Actually there is a kind of competition among the entire online casino platform, to have more and more popularity along with customer.